Friday, 25 July 2008

Fluffy catcap

I would hate to see the look on the cats' face when she mistakes it for a slipper.


  1. I hate cats. I'd use it as a slipper intentionally.

  2. I like dogs, like the fella in the previous post, said.

  3. I like both, but cats are rocking my world at the moment.

  4. We only have one cat, Squirrel, she likes sitting on humans too, anytime a visitor comes in she's over testing out their laps.

  5. Ohhhhh how Sweet!!!. . We have one that dribbles so you can imagine. no no falling asleep on the face lol

    We end up sharing the bed with two of our moggies (the Benj and Zappa)that sneak on board in the course of the night. Thank God for King sized beds. We have to leave a space over our heads as the Benj tends to wander around the bed at night.

    Benj is originally mine and I have had him since a Kitten. So we two are use to each other.

    I forgot to let the Isti know and one night Isti had a cheesy paw step right on his nose, and he couldn't believe. The Benj just trods not walks around.

    I then explain and he said he did wonder why the gap above me head... lol x x

  6. A dribbling cat, that made me laugh. So did the image of Isti with a big yellow paw print on his nose, take photos next time!

    This conversation has reminded of an ad I saw earlier...I'll post it now.

  7. This was before the invention of cameras on Mobiles. .lol x x