Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Look At This...

I am now an official member of the brilliant Look At This... as the founder ILuvNUFC's priorities lie in another project Photographs of Newcastle.

That's me that is!


  1. Ohhhhh!! that mirror again..after the weekend we had at the festival. Al l l l l that bloody rain... x x

  2. Look At This does funny things to my browser.

    And that Huskie or Malamute or whatever it is looks just like my nephew.

  3. John, that dog does look human, it can't be an original photo :-)

  4. j0yr1de: What kind of funny things?

  5. Ehm, apparently it was just the one time--and it's hard for me to explain what happened first time I opened the page which is why I couldn't be more specific than "funny things"--it worked fine for me just now, so
    sorry, never mind

  6. Chazza, I understand, that's me in the mirror every morning. (All the time if I'm honest)

    ILuvNUFC...The gremlins musta been out that time.

  7. j0yr1de: Thanks. :)

    JC: Those damn modern computators and their Gremlins! :)


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