Tuesday, 22 July 2008


I'm off to see the dentist this morning, I have a tooth with a cracked root that won't settle down and I think it's getting pulled. I've never had a tooth out before - Does it hurt? Do things stick in the hole? Will I have to get bolts in the side of my head?? Can I catch MRSA??? What happens if my whole head is infected???? What if it's Ebola...?????

I have anti-biotics and a couple of weeks to think about whether I want rid of the recurring offender.


  1. I knew someone who became the hole in their tooth they never got out of.
    And all that he knew was the hole in his shoe was letting in water.

  2. Was it looking at him from a bubble gum tree?

  3. No, a hairy potato tree with well shaped Brazilians....
    hang on me tea is ready. I'll see you later.

  4. If you contract Ebola, make sure you live your last 24 hours of pre-illness to the full.

  5. Serously. . It really depends on your pain threshold Sweetheat. .Hopfully you don't get a numb tongue throug it though, thats the anoying thing.

    Today Dentists are reluctant to take out teeth unless no choice. As the others loosen and cause problems for them administrating further attention to the mouth in the future.

    Which is a releaf to me. .three fillings later. .lol x x

  6. P.s J?C.. Thanks for the recommendation of Flash-gear.com. Its rather addictive and HUGE FUN. . . X X

  7. Isti, I was rather alarmed when liquid started pouring out of my eyes/ears/nose/mouth. On closer inspection it was chocolate.

    Chazza, as you can imagine I don't have any wisdom teeth, maybe if I get one out they'll pop into action? (is there more stuff at flash gear? I didn't look round too much)

  8. Yeah. . .take a gander. x x