Monday, 21 July 2008

Could you eat a whole one?

Every now and then I get all self-righteousy and post things like this. I'm not really bothered what other people do, but the world would defo be a nicer place if people stopped using superglue that's been squirted in rabbits eyes.


  1. Hark at you about Superglue.
    In the last post you were all for testing cosmetics on animals.

  2. Trust you to spot that one...It's OK to test if the products are aimed at the animal being

  3. Unfortunately it is apparent in China.

    An Uncle of mine who worked on the oil tanker boats taking oil to various parts of Asia. Nearly ate dog.

    Good thing he asked before trying, However he did say "it did smell good".

  4. They do say the local chinese takeaway secretly serves alsation/seagull suppers...

  5. Not surprised in the least. . Well there tends to be a chinese takeaway where there is a vets. .interestin' x x

  6. Chazza, No Mrs Wilson! We'll dispose of your dearly departed dog for you!


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