Saturday, 12 July 2008

A sad day for Doctor Who fans

The Doctor landed on the planet Baddoggium where a fatal battle ensued.

In the heat of the battle, overpowered the awful fumes omitted from the Aliens' bum-bum, the confused Doctor tried to lift the Tardis...which was a bit silly really.

The evil Lord Cocos' minions could be heard chanting something that sounded like..."Geddimcoco geddimcoco".

At one stage the dog-like alien leader Coco actually seized the transport-a-slipper as the Doctor took flight from the futile battle.

Photographic evidence seems to indicate that the poor Doctor is defo, defo dead.


  1. I want to know where Doc Who got that snazzy sleeping bag.

  2. It's a duvet, he bought it off a three headed badger on the planet Funk :-)

  3. And what is your dog just had?....lickin' those lips of his so with pleasure. x x

  4. Chazza, I think Coco just ate Dr Whos' sonic