Saturday, 19 July 2008

Humans acting out Simpsons intro


  1. This is fantastic, I think they used it to promote a new Simpsons series and was seen over here on Channel 4.

  2. Joanne!
    You are mentioned in this week's GUARDIAN GUIDE! It will show up around here on the internet version sometime next week.

  3. Yeah. . I remember this one a while back. Thought it was really good character pickin',

    Got excited and remember mentioning to Isti...Today on tv what I saw and said. ."I think there is a Simpsons real people movie coming out or in the making". He soon found out the reason and corrected me.

    I thought what a shame after all the Flinstones real people version movie worked. . . x x

  4. isti, this is the first I saw of it, it's great!

    Tony, that has well and truly made my day, thanks for passing it on!

    Chazza, a Simpsons movie with real people...I think you should write to them with that one :-)