Thursday, 31 July 2008

Dalek Sec Hybrid Joanne

The 2007 episode "Daleks in Manhattan" shows the creation of a Human Dalek through a genetic treatment and a mutagenic solution that allows a Dalek to absorb a human and merge with it.

Although the line between Humans and Daleks has been blurred before, most notably in the serials Evil of the Daleks and Revelation of the Daleks and mentioned in "The Parting of the Ways", this episode is the first to show this new form of hybrid.

The Dalek casing becomes a cocoon of sorts during the process, which takes approximately twenty minutes. While the hybridisation is taking place, the Dalek's eyestalk twitches erratically and smoke is emitted from the casing, before the eye is observed dimming and dropping once the fusion is complete. When this happens, the casing opens to reveal the new hybrid crouched in the bottom of the shell, the rest of it being completely empty. The hybrid itself clearly displays physical traits from both humans and the Dalek mutant. The basic physiology of the hybrid is primarily human, with four limbs and four fingers and one opposable thumb on each hand, though the skin is now leathery and predominantly beige. The head is where the alterations are most prominent. With exception of skin changes, the mouth and chin are more-or-less the same as a human's. The upper part of the head bears a mostly-exposed brain, a single large eye and stubby tentacles arranged in a broken circle around the human/Dalek's head. These tentacles twitch a little, very slowly when the creature is calm but more rapidly during periods of heightened emotion. Along the back of the neck are what may be exposed vertebrae. It seems that the voice of the hybrids maintain the characteristics of the human, however the speech of the hybrid also has Dalek characteristics such as talking at a slow pace.

The Sec hybrid was killed by Dalek Thay.