Saturday, 26 July 2008

Correction - 5 favourite things

Originally I stated my favourite things as dogs and blogging...Gary correctly spotted my mistake - I have a total of five favourite things - dogs, blogging, chocolate, Doctor Who and shoes.

Any questions?


  1. T h e Action-man? ? ? ?lol x x

  2. I've had a thing about shoes since forever. I wanted a pair of cowboy boots from Santa - about 8 or 9 years. I woke up to find a pair of Wellingtons red and black with space ships and moons and stars and so. I was jolted into a catatonic state I've never recovered from.
    When I was old enough to buy a pair they’d become passé so I bought an ordinary pair of leather riding booties with the strap and buckle on the side. I thought I was the bees knees. After that I fell in love with Doc Martin shoes without the stitching yellow or otherwise and so on.
    I don’t need the chocolate as you know I prefer the real stuff.
    Love your shoes;-) Dr. Joanne

  3. Gloating over the Guardian Mag again? :-)

  4. Chazza, that's the closest I can get to the real Dr Who :-)

    MM, Oooh, they didn't even come close did they...I bet your parents didn't realise they fucked up your life with those gay boots :-) I reckon I could get you weaned off the drugs with a starting dose of 2lb chocolate every 12 hours.

    Gary, I will be casually dropping a mention of it into every conversation for a long time!

  5. Who won the fight on the chocolate. . ?Your dog looks a close first. lol xx

  6. I had to wrestle it out of Cocos' mouth, but I won.

  7. Good girl. . show who's boss lol x x