Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Second look


  1. Very scary! And now, from the same YouTuber, this:


  2. Sorry don't quite do it for me some what, don't fool me. . Takes more than that to be 'very scary'.

    More like a set up of some kids on an American 'tick or treat night. . .'lol x x

  3. P.s Saw Isti recom'ation:. . No. . .I didn't see.

    Though I did hear his mother shouting out for her sheet back, she had ironed and wanted to change her bed linen. . .x x

  4. I couldn't see the lights were turned off

  5. Isti, it's very hard to tell but I think the babysitter one is genuine.

    Chazza, as a teenager that woulda scared the poo outta me, I'm such an old sceptic these days.

    MM, I couldn't see as I was hiding over in the corner with my eyes closed :-)

  6. Yeah same here nothing shocks me. . .Though. . .I was scared of the old Hammer house 'Dracula and Warewolf' movies...I use to hide behind the sofa and still wanted to know the ending.

    Years later when my friends had children. . I find out I was far too young to have even been watching. .lol x x

  7. Joanne,
    You're such a wuss, really: 'hiding over in the corner'
    What'll you do when you're a ghost yourself I wonder; you'll be too spooked to spook anyone else.

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  9. Cyrano, I'll be fine as long as I don't have a reflection, I won't even know I'm there :-)


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