Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Grandma vs George Bush


  1. What can you say.
    A woman like her should be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of her labor and relish the time with her grandchildren; I’m sure she does, but what I mean is .... it tells you how really bad things are on the ground when people like her have to take to the street to try and be heard.
    Take note it's time to put people first and stop creating false economies with the view to then making it better for all. We should see now it just don't work and America is the perfect show case.
    The "show case” has collapsed and the powers that be - as you see - are doing what in principle they claim opposition to, nationalization, to stop the capitalist ship from sinking.

    But if you think about my conclusion ; the ship has already gone down.
    The problem will really begin when those who have managed to secure a raft are eventually over whelmed by those clambering to grab on (a piece of ) what’s still float.

  2. MM, Have you ever thought of being a leader? I'd vote for you!

  3. I'd have to work on my english a wee bit perhaps love.

  4. Dunno about that, George Bush didn't make any extra effort with his :-)